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This web site is driven and inspired by a passion for latex.

So wonderful to wear, latex looks superb, is fashionable, is flattering, is desirable, is sexy. But many web site images - especially in the Web's early days - were so very cold, sad, miserable, depressing, brutal, dark - totally missing the fun and freedom and rebelliousness and quirkiness of the kinky fetish scene that I know and love!

Hence the mission of this web site - to showcase and delight and revel in the lighter, happier, optimistic, fun, passionate, lively side of this often secret world.

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A Journey Of Discovery

This site is inspired by the sensual joys of latex, rather than being about me, or my photography, but in this Internet era, an "about me" page has become de rigour!

My introduction to latex was through two people who brought latex to a much wider British audience in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

  • The first was the brilliant, innovative and zany Kenny Everett and his weekly Television Show. Kenny's comic characters are legendary - who can forget Reg Prescott as a disaster-prone woodwork teacher. But best of all was the delightful Cleo Rocos, whose portrayal of Miss Whiplash and other characters kept us on the edge of our seats - the peak of perfection, the veritable creme de la creme, and an eye opener for many of us - at a time when Britain was only just beginning to explore what it was comfortable with seeing on prime-time television.
  • The second was the stunningly beautiful and erotic photography of British photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, the first time I saw provocative images of beautiful women in latex, images that have gone on to inspire a generation.

Decades later, with the explosion of the Internet, I was so disappointed to see that most images of latex were sad, brutal, dark, nothing like the warm friendly latex fetish community that I knew. So I picked up my camera, learned how to use studio lighting, and set out to share the beauty of latex.

Capturing the fun has nevertheless been quite a journey! Working with the best British and International Latex designers, and with the best models around, is always a delight, who could ask for more!

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